What to do. What to do with my hair?

Well, I've let myself go in the past few months with my hair. I've let it grow out, let my purple fade to a...mystery color. My Faux hawk has grown out and I quite miss it. It looks like old PB&J sammich. /wrist.

ANYWAYS, so I've been considering keeping up my blond, adding auburn, I'm not allowed crazy colors because of my job, so I figured I'll just play up my reds and blonds.

Yes. No? Maybe. Possibly.

I will inevitably cut it shorter, despite it being a curly monster, it's easy to tame. :D

SO I plan to 1. Cut it shorter in the back to play up my spikes. 2. Get faux hawk back. 3. Hide roots, dye blonde + Auburn red maybe burgundy= New delicious Peanut butter and jelly sammich hair?

Give opinions.

Look! A picture of me taking a picture in the mirror because I'm a sad lonely person, but there's no one home so it's okay to do this!


That's my confused face. Great right?


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  • Ahh! You are so cute! Well I have done pretty much everything to my hair (white, stripes, electric blue tips, bright red etc)

    I think somethin along the color lines of this ---> link would look pretty awesome:))

    Also it depends, is firetruck red considered a crazy color?

    • That's actually what I was going for! I don't consider it a crazy color , pretty sure I can get away with it. I want it very...all over, lots of blond, lots of red but not all in the same spot. I'll probably add some dark red or burgundy in there somewhere so it's not /too/ out of hand. xD

    • Oh that will look awesome! I've also had neon purple low lights which always end up gray so I would sometimes bring a purple sharpie to school and re-do them during my english class x)

    • And to write on yourself with, you forgot about that part!

  • Ponytail!