Have you known a fair few people who look bad in picture but good in real life (and vice versa)?

I have a friend who I think is quite a good looking guy. 2 girls have rated him... one gave him 6/10 the other 7-7.5/10 (the girl who gave 6 gave some of my mates 3-4). Unlike me he hasn't had a girlfriend. I told him to sign up to tinder/other online.. he messaged like 15 girls and none replied on OkCupid (pretty sure that was the site). I got him to show me what he messaged them and his description... of which both seemed pretty good.

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The mates that were 3-4 were actually pretty decent/average looking.
He is 6'1 and has reasonably broad shoulders.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Yes, but sometimes it even depends on the angle of the picture and the lighting.


Most Helpful Guy

  • ain't no one got time to take pictures... and i fucking hate taking them. i look much better in person, i am horrible at taking "selfies" and not a real fan of normal photos anyway.

    plus for chicks, they always use light angles and shit and always look different... conspiracy!!!

    • ''plus for chicks, they always use light angles and shit and always look different''
      The truth... a girl at my university is like 5/10... but at the angle she took her facebook profile picture I didn't recognise her at all... she looked like a 8/9 out of 10 model... crazy shit.

    • ya bittches be like pros at that shit.

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What Girls Said 1

  • I look good in picture bad irl, my sister looks TERRIBLE in pictures but is really pretty irl


What Guys Said 2

  • I think that I mostly look awful in pictures, but looking in the mirror, I generally feel that I look alright...

    It's all lighting and angles really... and cameras can bring out the worst in you pretty easily! Haha.

  • I look like shit in pictures not photogenic at all.


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