What do you think about my nursery?

My fiance and I are expecting our first son soon and I'm not sure if the nursery will be good enough for our son. I used white gold and sky blue. My fiance put all the furniture together. It's all white and white gold. i painted the walls white and blue and had new carpet put in. The carpet is white. My grandmother made me a rug and it's in the center of the floor. I put up white gold picture frames. My fiance put lots of pillows in the crib. Everyone's saying that it looks girly. My sons name will be Beauty. And I think the nursery looks great.


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  • Your son won't give a damn about colors or who put the his furniture together. All you need is a crib and sheet and love and your son has all he needs in his room.

    You and your fiance have the right to name your kid whatever you want but unless some new slang term come around he isn't going to use his first name ever.

    • I'm not cheap. I put a lot of effort into that. I don't want my son to have only a crib and a sheet. He must have everything

    • LOL. Your not reading correctly. I just saying you have more then enough and everything else is extra. The room is fine.

    • My apologies. I just thought you were being an ass like everyone else. Thanks for your opinion. :)

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  • Your son... named Beauty... he can grow up and when society mocks him

    for his name he can say, "yeah but look at the fabulous nursery room i had"

    But what would be really cool is if you have a daughter and named her "beast". That way you could introduce your children as...---_____---

    • I think he will love his name. He'll probably end up being really arrogant

    • yeah, im sure he'll love it

      See Johnny Cash..."A boy Named Sue", it contains all the info you need to help him survive life.

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  • i don't think its really important its too much in my opinion... a crib and some baby accessories are enough... babies grow up very quickly don't forget that

  • Well naming him Beauty will get him bullied in school... and I'm concerned that you are having a child at 18, and you can't spell properly. And you said you are home schooling him? I hope you are not for real...

    • I can have a child at any age I want. I can spell correctly, I just don't take the time to bc either way the message still gets across. And since you are 23 years old learn to go back and read before commenting. I said my grandparents are homeschooling him not me. I could, it's just that the grandparents wish to be involved in his beautiful life as well. And last time I check I graduated at 15. I don't have to spell correctly, just as long as the message gets across. And it did. So have a nice day. :)

    • oh my, you haven't went to school after age 15? and you are planning on homeschooling your child? I'm pretty sure you are just trolling

  • I don't think it rather matters. You'd want the room to be practical and comfortable for you and your son. As long as you have the essentials, i don't see how the rest matters as much

    • I want him to have everything that a baby could have. He has 4 rooms, gold jewelry, and all the other stuff I said. You'll know how I feel about my son when/if you have your own someday

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    • yes the appearance is important

    • Over time the appearance will change

  • The nursery seems find. The name you chose is not.

  • you will name your son beauty? hahaha poor boy, what did he do to you that you hate him so much before he is even born? 😂

    • My son is beautiful

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    • My grandparents are homeschooling him. So if he comes home with bruises they will never see my son again in their life.

    • poor boy, I wish him the best

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