What do you suggest wearign for my/your figure ans breast size? Do you struggle with what to wear with your body shape?

I believe everyone finds it hard what to wear flattering clothing, especially when it comes to your body figure (I'm refering to the girls right now but not exlcuding guys) I just so happen to have a rectanglular figure (basically athletic) with 32C breasts (Please to not oversexualize. Ok? Thnx)

So what do you suggest I wear which will flatter my figure?

Please comment if you have the same figure and breast size as me and what you have found that flatters your body.

Even if you don't have a similar body shape share what kind of body figure you have and what you struggle with wearing or what you reccommend wearing from what flatters you most.


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  • I'm a 32C too! I have realized that too tight clothes draw a lot of attention for me and sometimes it makes me uncomfortable but too loose makes me look trashy. I either go with comfortable and somewhat form fitting or just something stylish and mildly modest


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  • nowhere sells my bra size :'(

    • not that I'm trying to discriminate or anything but aren't you flat chested as a man don't get me wrong you could have man boobs as well. you know what I'm not going to assume your gender sorry for you

    • yes it was a joke

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  • I am also athletic (more hourglass) and are between B and C. Why flatten? Its a lovely, standard, intermediate size breast. I usually wear tight clothes because it accentuates my athletic body and still shows I have female curves althoug I am muscular.

  • Does seventeen still do those "wear this for your body shape" articles? Those are a good place to start


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