How can I get dressed faster in the mornings?

I get up pretty early every day, and I'm trying to alter my schedule so I don't have. But it takes me a long time to get dressed, sometimes I probably end up spending 25 minutes or a half hour because I don't like my outfit.

My morning routine:

4:30- get up, do different therapies(I have a lung disease)

5:45- shower

6:00- out of shower, blow dry hair, straighten hair

6:15 or 6:20- do makeup

about 6:30- when I tackle getting dressed

And sometimes I'm still not happy with my outfit and at 7:00 I just decide to leave anyways.

6:45- I usually eat fruit

6:50- put shoes on, get lanyard for school, get books, take pills

6:55- leave

I need to know how I can find an outfit I like faster, though.. Any tips?


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  • well you know if you don't like any of your outfits its because you're not hapy with your body. because really, its your body that makes the clothes look good not the other way round.

    • That's probably true.

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  • Search through your wardrobe collection at nighttime, then line out 2 different wardrobes for the morning. That way if you don't like your first selection, you have a backup plan.

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • I'd have to agree with ArtistBBoy. If you really want to have more time in the mornings, try on different outfits in the evening.

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