Girls what makes a guy look attractive?

I am trying to figure out what makes a girl think a guy is hot/average/ugly?


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  • The attractive man, can go anywhere and do anything with confidence. Afterall he is the leader that journeys into the unknown, even with fear, that proceeds on his journey "just because he wants to".

    Attractiveness is the difference between being fun and being funny.

    - Comedians are funny.

    - Genuine and truthful men, are fun.

    So the list you're looking for goes something like:

    - Be helpful. Don't be a lazy slob that tells her how to do something or what to do

    - Respect is key. Hold your composure of being a man

    - Listen to what she's saying as well as how she's saying it. This will help you identify her likes and dislikes

    - Don't be over-the-top in anything; it's good to show enthusiasm for certain areas of your life, but she is looking for the real side of you

    - Be yourself and relax; the more calmly you behave around her is the lest restless she will be.

    - Humor is the key to attention; people love laughing and smiling. Use it wisely and effectively

    - Get some alone time and don't be afraid to show her your desires. It's okay to be a man

    - Be interesting and fun; the difference between "nice-guys" and getting the girl, is that you need to hold her interest, not just attain it.

    - Be active and willing to do stuff; the more you incorporate yourself in her life, the more she will think highly of you.


    Let me summarize that because it's a lot to digest... I'll show you a comparison of a phony person:

    1) The nice-guy (BAD)

    - Has ulterior motives

    - Often doubts himself

    - Never tries for success where he has no opportunity of knowing ahead of time


    2) The good-guy (GOOD!)

    - Will strike up a general conversation with a random girl to get to know what she's like

    - Wants to understand who he is engaging in courtship-rituals before he wastes his time

    - Often has a personality and character that reinforce who he is/who he has become.

    So while both of us are thinking: "Hey, that's easy! I'm the good guy"... We ALL always have ways to improve. Albeit with:

    - Social skills

    - Effort into meeting beautiful women that have personalities

    - Striving to work on our own lives equally or more than the previous statement

    - Spending time with our true friends and family, to further develop our relationships with others


    Learn to identify what your crisis is that is preventing you from engaging in the following personality, then overcome it. Women are looking for the following personality:

    - Honest

    - Genuine

    - Fun / interesting

    Check out this website and it should help you further:


    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • I think a guy wood be attractive to me if they had a since of humor and they dressed good and they worked for a living and if they were really sweet to the girl there with. That treats who he has really good. And focused on them more than anything.

    • @Iloveyou69: The guy you just listed off is the nice-guy; that's someone that fills space and is attractive but he isn't actually part of your life.

      @DanSan: Haha I love the feedback man, every time I see you write something it inspires me to do more.

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  • Be helpful and friendly.

    if you're friendly girls would naturally like to be around you

    SMELLING GOOD makes a guy seem a million times more attractive.. well in my opinion anyways :)

    confidence is good, but don't get too obnoxious.

  • It depends really for each girl I think...some like guys who are like skater or rocker or some like good boys...i personally like a big guy like muscular and with a kinda norcal/bro with the fox racing and those kinda clothes...


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