Wondering if there's a way I can add on to my tat?

Excuse my fatness πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Wondering if there's a way I can add on to my tat.?


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  • That's pretty awesome, I bet it stung a little on the sides!

    I'm not sure what detail you could add, or even that you'd want to add, it's pretty complete as it is. You could always inject a little more colour if you wanted to.

    Is it caught in a net? I'm thinking so, looking at the strap that appears to be going across it? If so, you could always add some lettering to that strap I guess.

    • As for the fatness... like... WHERE? You must have invisible fat. You invisible fatty!!

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    • How about you just add some cookie crumbs around the fish's mouth and an empty wrapper? :P lol! Cookiefish (now copyrighted by me @2016). ><(((o>

    • Lmao oh my lanta. I mean it does look fat lol

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  • You aren't fat and some flowers added would be pretty.

  • Some color would be really nice

    • See, I looked at other tats like mine and I think color just ruins the art

    • Was it like a bunch of colors or just one or 2? Maybe pic one color and have them do gradients with it. That might look cool. Or have somoeone draw your tatt or do it digitally and play around with the colors and see what looks nice.

  • why are you guys saying she's fat?

    • Lmao in their own defense, I said excuse the fatness.

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    • I got that when I saw πŸ˜‚it made it seem like you were just joking about it. anyways have a nice evening

    • You too hun. lol

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