Guys if you met somebody with Amal Clooney's Body and A regular Person's Face, would you date her?

I am on a skinny diet and I think I will look like her in 4-8 months.


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  • Amal Alamuddin is George Clooney's publicity bogus "Wife." Total sham marriage with probably no licence.
    She's so grotesque ugly with a big humped nose, a Goofy overbite mouth, ass chin, bug eyes. Looks like a she male. Her body is skeletor hunchback turf with hideous legs. Photoshop overkill & still ugly.
    Unless George Clooney is gay & this is some beard contract, all I can think is that this is some shady deal.
    She's so ugly, that most people tune out.
    So, no, I would never date someone with an anorexic body of a gaunt tall she male with pigeon freak feet & Neanderthal big hands, massive broad shoulders, even if that person was not ugly like Amal Alamuddin but with a regular face.


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