As a woman do you feel pressure in the workplace to lighten your hair?

I'm the only woman in my department that doesn't highlight her hair. My favorite facial figure is my dark arched eye brows. I used to thin them but since they came back in style they frame my face and get compliments.

I've had female superiors and males superiors at different companies say I'd look good with highlights in a forceful way.

Im not tan and with my eyebrows I just don't like the way I look with highlights and every man I date has always agreed.

But almost every client facing professional I know who earns great money has highlights.

I get it in some ways. I drive the luxury car I drive because clients have to ride in it. I have expensive purses and clothes for the same reason. But I don't want to take on the over $200 every 6 weeks hair bill not to mention the shampoos. Money aside I just don't like the way it looks.

Do some women not look good with highlights?
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Do nothing. You should be fine just the way you are... fuck the extra expense of highlights.

    • It's easily $300 a month but I also just don't think it looks good.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Yes I agree with you in some ways, the expense, your preference, and your time but I want to say that if you ever change your mind done the correct way would look great. I've done hair for years and 2 shades lighter than the natural shade gives a nice look but I think less is more pertaining to color and high/low lights.

    • I have black eyebrows that are beautiful but just don't look good with highlights. I do say I would go platinum blond as it makes for a nice contrast and doesn't look like I'm trying to fake it. it doesn't look natural but it is sort of mod.

      I've never seen a woman with eyebrows like mine look good with highlights. I think hunk people with darker skin look slightly better but I'm pale so it just washed me out.

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What Guys Said 1

  • It blows my mind how people can force women to do that.

    • Well it isn't forced it's suggested. But then you look around and you're the only one without blonde hair.

      I think it's an issue of status. If they aren't completely blonde they have rainbow hair which means differing light shades that go to the roots. So you dye at least every 4 weeks.

    • Thats really weird. I will never understand.

What Girls Said 2

  • In France we prefer brune hair so no. Nobody do that here

  • use ur natural hair


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