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OK, so I've asked a question about this girl before, but it only got one reply so I'm gonna make another thread.

there's this girl that I see at church every once in a while. she's one of those girls that's just genuinely beautiful. dark wavy hair, long black eyelashes, perfect figure... just really gorgeous.

she usually sits with her family, which says to me that she comes from a good household, (basically her parents give a crap).

anyway, the problem is that though I knew her way back in high school (I've been out for 2 or so years now) I really don't know anything about her now. I haven't talked to her since about the summer of my sophomore year and I don't remember how old she is or even what her name is... all I know is that she's one of those girls that kinda makes me melt when we lock eyes and she seems like a really good sweet person.

so basically, I need some advice on whether it sounds like a good idea to pursue her. if so, how do you suggest finding out her name and age because I don't really want her to know that I've forgotten her name and also I don't want to ask her out and find out that she's too young for me( 17 is my limit since I'm 20). I also need some tips on finding some way to talk to her since she usually either goes home or to youth group after church and I don't go to that youth group anymore since I'm out of high school.

but hey, if you think that I should just leave it alone, please say so... it might just not be a good idea since she seems so young and innocent and I feel old and f***ed up lol.


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  • Strike up a conversation with her after services. I don't know what your church is like, but after services, at my church, everyone gathers around and talks to friends and neighbors, basically just catching up on what meant on during the week. corner her then and just say hi.

    • Nah, I'm catholic so our services are very structured. there's not much talking once inside the sanctuary, but I might try and catch her as we're leaving...

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  • Hey! I personally thinks if she makes you feel this way then you should go for it! I would like try and sit as close as you can to her.. and look at her every once in a while to see if she looks back. if she does then DEF. pursue it and go up to her after church and ask her how she's been that you remember her briefly from awhile ago.(: From there say you miss talking to her and see if she has like a Facebook or something or like a number. GOOD LUCK!(:

    • Yep... that's what I've been thinking, its just that I'm frankly terrified of doing so. lol

    • Awww you can do it!(: think about how happy youd be if you guys are together someday! You never know if you don't try. And then you'll regret it!

    • Thanks...

      you are right, better to try and fail than not and regret it.

  • You just have to be honest. I would say hi, and introduce myself again saying, Hi I know we've met and talked a little but I've forgotten your name...It s good seeing you again, I remember when... Its just a matter of courage. Ask her if she's going to a specific function at church to get a converstation rolling.


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  • never make excuses for what you want. The best thing to do is find a time to talk to her, it would be great if there was someone to introduce you two. One thing I got to tell you is to avoid getting attached to any one girl so soon. It seems like you are investing so much emotional effort into something that might or might not work.

    Either way, if you can't find someone to introduce you then find a time when she is away from her parents and come up to talk to her. Its much simpler than you think it is.

    • Yea, I definitely tend to complicate things when it concerns a girl that I really like...

      im not sure about the "introductions" thing just because we already sorta know each other from way back when, but man I'm kinda scared of coming across as creepy if I just come up and start talking to her... but then again maybe I'm over thinking it like you said.

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    • Yea dude, I don't see her as a piece of ass anyway... I most likely won't end up having sex with her irregardless of her age... I just get paranoid and shy about these things.

    • Well, read some of the stories in my profile maybe they will help you out a bit

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