Can you rate these girls from first to last and tell why?


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  • Left to right. I am going to be brutally honest to cause you asked for it :)

    the first two are sis right?

    1. 6 Nice hair style and color. Awesome arms and body xcept boobies are way low on her chest.

    2. 4 don't like her hair,face, and to skinny. Should have bangs not pulled back

    3. 4 not very attractive in general. sorry she can't help it of course...but she shouldnt pull her hair back so far.

    4. 7 I find her attractive. Very cute. Nice body, cute dress, nice hair but it should be a bit darker for her skin color.Nice dress

    5. 7 cute girl...nice body. Nice dress.

    6. 6 nice hair, don't care for the dress.

    And there you have it.

    • Nope, they're not sisters. They do sort of look similar in this picture though...

    • WOW really they look a lot alike...so when do we find out who you are haha?

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  • Why do you want people to judge you? They're all 10's for me, which one is you? lol.

  • you almost tricked me...

    trying to get me to rate you and your friends huh? lol I wouldn't even fall for something like that on the internet young lady.

  • As a male I was certainly attracted to the one on the right in like dark blue/ black. What is her number?


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  • the link isn't opening :/

  • left to right

    1. 4


    3.2- def needs side bangs and more volume in hair

    4. 5 what the hell was she thinking with that color of hair, she should def go for darker and chin/shoulder bobish for her face structure

    5. 7

    6.9- def captured my attention she looks effortless

  • Left to right:

    1. 6 - pretty hair and skin

    2. 5 - pretty smile, pretty skin, great posture

    3. 4 - bangs would be a great idea for this girl

    4. 3 - either match the eyebrows with the hair or vice versa; the blond hair yellows her skintone

    5. 6 - a shorter haircut with blunt bangs would do wonders; great smile and eyebrows

    6. 7 - great bone structure and ivory skin, captivating big, brown eyes

    Everyone could use a little more make-up to accentuate lips and cheekbones. Getting rid of the tan lines would really help as well. Looks like this was for prom - hope you had a great time!

  • from left to right

    1. 6 -- love her hair

    2. 6 -- nice smile

    3. 4 -- big forehead, bangs maybe?

    4. 5

    5. 5

    6. 5

    • Is this out of 10? Is one the highest?

    • Out of 10, 10 being the highest