Are girls viewing me as one of their girlfriends instead of as a guy?

I'm friends with a group of girls. Anyway, they feel comfortable talking about just about anything when I'm around, as if I'm one of them.

On one occasion that we were at one one of their homes, we were sitting by the pool. I got pushed in, and was extremely cold when I got out. Once I got dried off inside, they gave me a dress to wear while my clothes were put through the dryer (which I ended up staying in for the remainder of my time there anyway).

Which brings me to the question at hand -- do they see me as one of them, a girl?


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  • Well probably. Also I think that they might think you are gay, because they sound VERY comfortable around you and for me the only guys I could be comfortable around in the same way your friends are with you, if he was gay. I am pretty sure I wouldn't be that comfortable around typical guy. Besides why the hell would they give you a DRESS!? And why the hell would you WEAR it!?!?!?!?!? Another reason why they might think you are gay. If I gave one of my guy friends a dress they would be like wtf?

    • I think it was a matter of clothing size to an extent. The manner is what made the act stand out though -- there was no hesitation or anything.

      For th record, I'm not actually gay.

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    • Thanks for the help. :)

      Maybe some other people will provide some additional insight.

    • Yer sorry I couldn't help that much, hope you find some answers soon :D

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  • read the story in my profile about "let's just be friends"

    by the way, YOU put the dress on, I would have stayed naked with them and run around trying to hug them.

    • Haha, I wonder how many people that story applies to. :P It does indeed ring true for me, which I guess makes me a sucker.

  • ah, yeah dude.

    And why would they give you a dress to wear when they could have easily given you some jeans and a top?

    You may want to find an exit plan quick if you've more noble intentions.