Anyone with experience coloring hair can help me out?

Hii so i don't know if this is the right place to ask these type of questions but i really want to have light golden brown hair for a while now.
I have my hair dyed dark brown and i know i need to bleach it ( no worries on that, i did it before ).

My question is how do i achieve Light golden brown hair when i bleach it to an orange stage? I don't want to bleach it to a yellow stage, and most tutorials i see on the internet is how to cancel brassy tones and get ashy hair but i want warmth in my hair.
Any suggestions?
Thanks <3


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  • I used blonde brown/golden brown and it turns into super light golden brown, I recommend getting the dye that have white coloring or bleaching in them.


What Girls Said 2

  • You may want to have it professionally done because making that transition is going to take a few processing steps. If you want to kill the orange or brassy tone, you'll need a "cold" color to neutralize it. Warm colors create all of those golds and reds. It should say on the box if the color is warm or cold. I'd try to go to a stylist for that though.

  • Get it done at the salon. There are lots of tutorials on youtube


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