Girls, Girls I need crossdressing advice?

I'm a straight guy and I'm looking for a girl I can talk to on here and give me advice on what I should wear while dressing up.


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  • I am Straight too but no Cross Dresser. However, I Feel you Should Start out with the Undies Here, dear. xx

    • Thanks for the Like, dear. xx

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    • Yes, dear, in a few, let me caught up on here, I just Logged in. xx

    • Sounds good

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  • It depends on how closely female you can look once you are dressed up. Are you androgynous looking?

    • What do you mean by androgynous? I would say i look very feminine for the most part. If you want I send you pictures.

    • Androgynous means that your features could either be masculine or feminine. Models are best when they are androgynous :) I don't need pics.

    • I can make myself look feminine when dressers up. If I had boobs you wouldn't be able too tell.

  • what kind of dress

    • I prefer a pink skin tight dress. But i mainly need bras and panties that fit. I love dressing up all the way but somedays I like wearing panties. Idc if people call me gay because I'm not. I just like feeling girly I don't know why it just fat feels good. I really wish I had a girl that would dress me up and not tell everyone because I want keep this a secret until it's acceptable for men to dress up as women withouth being judged.

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    • Aren't all dresses girlish? And on top I that I'm going for the girlies look. I would be wearing a pink laced thong with a matching bra underneath i know the bra isn't necessary sense i dont have boobs but I still like wearing them sense they go with panties but I also like how they fit on me and I can stuff my bra so it looks like I have boobs. I really need to go shopping for all kinds of girly stuff.

    • yeah all dresses are girlish except the ones arab guys wear

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