Hey guys :) do you know any invisible / natural ways to create eyebrows?

Hey :) ,

I have a big eyebrow problem, they are basicly really low and without much arch like eva green.
Now the problem is that it suits eva green's face and she looks beautiful but it doesn't suit me.
People often say i have pretty features but the only problem is my eyebrows because they make me look angry and sad all the time. I have to raise them constantly and i am someone really chearful so i dont want to convey the wrong emotion.
When i get the most compliment is when i do cosplay and i hide my true eyebrows and draw them on much higher , i noticed people go towards me a lot more as i probably look more approachable.
I would like to be able to place my eyebrows higher but without having to cover them up or anything, basicly i'd want to shave them off / pluck them all of and redo them.

I have heard of both eyebrow implants and eyebrow wigs and eyebrow extension but i dont know if those really work.
I haven't touched my brows so far as i am more for natural stuff and won't shave them or anything to draw them on or tatoo them.


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  • Tattoo them on or plastic surgery would be only ways that would work or a skin tightening cream above them to change the look is all that would work, preparation H would actually do that even though it's used for hemorrhoids

    • what kind of plastic surgery though? i heard of eyebrow lift but i think it might be a bit too drastic seeing how i am still really young ( 21)

    • That's the only thing that would give the look you want permanently, being young would make it easier and faster to heal but you'll need an opinion from a doctor to see if that's right for you

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  • Pluck and shape on the underside of your eyebrow to make an upward curve.
    Use a brown brow pencil or some brown brow powder and dab a little where the arch is uptop and maybe extend the upper side of the eyebrow

    • saddly this is what i do but the shape i have right now is like the maximum i could do and it doesn't help because they are so close to the eye and like flat and not so thick :/

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  • Every option will have its negative, usually natural brows can be shaped to suit a face...
    The most permanant would be to laser them off and have them tattooed/bladed where you want them

  • Why not just pluck the bottoms or go see someone who waxes and see why they say? My eyebrows had no shape and now they're perfectly arched. Before thinking about implants or tattooing go see a professional.

  • Literally, grow them out for a month and get them professionally done, it's what I had to do.


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