Cute vs hot?

have been labeled as cute, but NOT hot on several occasions lately. what is the difference and which do you prefer?


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  • In my case, I use 'hot' very rarely, and usually just for a guy that seems attractive but who I don't really know, so his looks are all I have to go on. I use 'cute' a lot more because that's like the whole package to me, attractive and a good personality. I call my boyfriend cute and adorable (but not in front of his friends lol) and he knows that it's my way of calling him attractive. 'Hot' just feels awkward for me to use :p I don't know if that's just me though.


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  • From a girls perspective-

    Cute for guys is like nice looking face, friendly, and sweet, like the type of guy youd be best friends with or end up going out with.

    Hot is like you have a six pack and ripped arms. ie yummy as girls say. Like the sort of guy youd make out with or date for a few days but then dump later because although he may be your eye candy, he sucks at relationships.

    Unless your hott and good at being the ladies man then your either gay or got it gonig for you. Does that help?

    • You are wrong, they both mean the same thing, which is attractive or good looking. You logic is just like me saying all hot chicks are stuck up and bitches, but all cute girls are sweet and will never get a bf. My girlfriend is smoking hot and she is as sweet as can be and no where near being stuck up or a bitch.

    • Im just saying ffrom a girls perspective on guys like if a guy is called hott when a person dfoesnt really know them. I'm sure your girlfy is :)

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  • In my experiences in life, I've always found that 'cute' meant "good looking, but not my kind of guy". I, personally, do not use this same manner of nomenclature terminology in regards to women, as cute girls are the more attractive girls that are more innocent and girl-next-door-y, while hot girls are often the more sultry kind of beautiful, though even these definitions are somewhat...indefinite.