Why do some people hate tattoos?

OK so a while ago for my 17th b day my mom let me get a tat. Its nothing bad just a flower on my wrist. Since the weather has been nice I've started wearing short sleeve shirts. Now that people can see my tattoo I've been getting really bad looks. Why is it such a big deal its not like its a guy's name or something nasty.


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  • I don't find them bad. I like girls with a small tattoo (Like yours) like a dove or loveheart on their arm. When guys get tattoo's everone likes them but as soon as a girl gets one it's a different matter. I don't get it. I know from personal experience because my fiend has a tattoo of a loveheart on the side of her leg, and I have my little brothers name who passed away a few months ago on my chest, Anyway, we where at the beach with our friends and they all didn't like her tattoo, Claiming "they didn't like tattoo's" but as soon as I took my top off they seem'd to like them. I personaly think screw people that don't like you becasue of your tattoo. Its your body and you should be able to express yourself anyway you want.


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  • Girls who just have one tattoo, and guys for that matter too seem silly to me. Especially the tramp stamp, such a bad choice, imagine that when your old... all I can say Is don't plan to live that long.

    I DO however love girls that go insane with tattoos and get them all over their body, like huge beutiful pictures all over their back, THAT is hot, but none of that p**** bunny or butterfly crap, if your getting it for looks go all the way with it and get something really beautiful and good.

    • What does p**** mean? I didn't get it just for looks I got it because the Lilly is sybolic for me.

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    • It's about in between to what I like.

    • Really? You think a tattoo will look bad when you're old? Seriously, your whole body starts to sag. You lose hair, put on weight, your body sags. You can get liver spots, cellulite, stretch marks. I mean basically your whole body goes to ruin, but you're gonna focus on how tattoos will look bad? Give me a break. Enjoy your youth and make the best of it.

  • Just ignore people that are mean about it. Everybody is going to have an opinion, and the only opinion that should really matter to you is YOURS :). People will give you a laundry list of reasons why they think tattoos are bad, they all boil down to social stigmas, and they are all bull crap. Examples:

    Grump: "That is going to look horrible when you are 80."

    Me: "EVERYBODY looks horrible when they are 80. Also, I would be lucky to live to 80. It is not a given."

    Grump: "Aren't you worried about job your job prospects?"

    Me: "Well, there are these magical inventions called long sleeves, you see..."

    Grump: "So you are telling me you don't think people will judge you?"

    Me: " I think it would be weird for people NOT to judge others. It is simply a matter of the criteria they use to judge people. If they think I am a bad person because I have something drawn in ink on my skin, then they have saved me time by staying away from me. I have no interest in being friends with people who value looks over what kind of person I am."

    Grump: "But why?"

    Me: "Because I like how they look. Why are some things fun and others not? Why do we like certain kinds of music but not others? Our brains are just wired differently. Just embrace what you like."

    There are more, but I am sure you get the point. If somebody gives you a bad look, just flash them a big smile instead. Maybe you will help change their opinion some day.


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  • i personally think tatoos are ok. its your body and no one else controls it but you. do what you want and have no regrets.

  • well this is what I learned. I ahev nothing against tattoos, its just long ago. Slaves were marked on their skin by heat and medel, and some other races as well. and it left a mark. so it was considered like a tattoo. ... is yours like those baby ones where you but water on it as peel?... (idk if we still have those maybe)..its ok... but if its like henna tattoos, or like permenet ones you do with umm I think a needle or what ever. Than it kind of relates to the history of slaves. Its not saying your a slave. I think its like your mocking the past and their pain. Because now you want to be carved into when in the past they were so scared to be touched by iron or whatever. But yeah hope this helps. I want a tattoo on my neck though, but those peeling ones. my mom would kill me if I those other kinds.. but she might not... hummmm... I don't know xD .. anyway hope this helps!

    • You really have no idea what you're talking about. First of all, what you're describing is the scarification of slaves through branding. That has nothing to do with getting a tattoo. Tattoos are voluntary and are not disrespectful in any way to slaves who were branded. If anything, tattoos can be a sign of respect when they are designed with a particular meaning behind them. Also, when someone talks about getting a tattoo, 99.9% of the time they're talking about getting a permanent one.

    • .. sorry, I just don't know much about tattoos as you do I'm assuming. and I'm just saying how I .. "i"... think they are some what similar. .. and yes I know "some" tattoos have respectful meaning. My friends from the army have one.