Girls, How do you prefer a guys chest and legs to be?

It's simple.
  • All clean shaved hairfree is BEST thing ever.
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  • All natural, no matter what and how much it is.
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  • Shaved chest and abs , natural very hairy legs.
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  • Trimmer chest, natural legs.
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  • Everything trimmed close short. Just small small hair for sake of it.
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Girls leave some comments as well after voting.
When you say trimmed, do you mean closely trimmed or cut short just so that it isn't much bush wild?


Most Helpful Girl

  • As long as it's body hair and not body fur, then I'm okay, lol

    • What's body hair and what's body fur , according to you?

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    • I'll be like, "I have a real life teddy bear to cuddle up to" lol no not at all. I'll just joking it off. It's not anything serious (only if it has odor)

    • Don't you think he will look really odd and a real animal next to your naked bare hairless smooth female skin?

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What Girls Said 3

  • I love my man hairy. Very attractive.

  • clean one for both

  • Shaved chest, don't shave your legs though haha

    • But if legs and arms are also very hairy like Robin Williams?

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    • I personally would rather hair on a guys arms and legs

    • Cool.
      Even if it's REALLY REALLY hairy that's much better than shaved.
      But why so?
      Just curious

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