Do you think masculine looking men can be handsome (physically attractive)?

I don't get why people think men need to look ugly to masculine. In my opinion masculine men can be handsome since there are women that like looking at men with madrone traits like hollow cheeks, strong jaws, square faces and bodies, strong bones, more muscle mass etc. I'm a straight man so I don't know what is considered handsome.


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  • Scared to even answer this... but Google Brock O'Hurn he's considered a handsome manly man

    • So masculine men can be handsome?

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    • "Now you have"? Don't you mean that you know I have OCD? Was that a typo?

    • You must like talking to me lol you keep finding things to nitpick, I was replying to both your responses. When you said you haven't heard that before.

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  • I don't know what you are talking bout but masculine men are liked by many chicks


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