I am scared, tell him?

This guy seems to like me a lot. We only really hung out twice. Once at my party and once at his place. I’ve met him at my friends get together. I been hurt a lot in the past and I am scared to get close. I know I will but it might take some time. I had my heart broke a year ago and every guy who came along since just ended up walking away in one way or another when I let my guard down. It just seems weather I take things slow or fast they have the same ending. I think I am more scared then anything. I am going to have to get over that for me for me to seriously how my feelings. I need to let down my guard and the last guy I was talking drop me for my biggest enemy. His "style" is different then the guys I have dated in the past though. For starters he has a bike. Lol, and he is my friends cousin


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  • The fact that you have an "enemy" and that you are creating a fake persona because you are afraid to be yourself means you need to get ahold of yoruself and really find out who you are and what you like before you do anything else. Once you are comfortable being yourself, then you will be able to open up and meet someone who is really into you for who you are, not who you are pretending to be.

    If you dont, he will like the fake you that you are projecting so as not to get hurt, then later when you really show him the real you, it might scare him off and there you are again, but this time you are more scared.

    See what I mean here?

    Finally... a bike isn't a style, and what does his relation to your friend have to do with style? Neither of those things are valid answers if someone asked you, "what do you like about him".

    So what do you like about him?


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  • U gta think harder . Ur attracted to him bcuz he is diff from guyz you have dated but being attractive to him is not enough for a relationship. You have your guard down give yourself time to b singel and jus relax don't jump into a relationship to quick . I suggest. You tell him how you feel soon before how you feel is just temporary.

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