I purposely try to keep away from any girl I start to get attracted to.

I a guy in a over 4 year relationship. I just need to know guy to guy. Are we always doomed to find other girls attractive? I don't mean just looking at a girl and thinking she's pretty but actually liking her. Over my relationship with my girlfriend I've noticed probably on 5 or so separate occasions I've started falling for a another girl. It usually lasts a couple of weeks but whenever I happens I'll start pondering whether the relationship I'm in is right or not. And I know it is! It's just that some girl comes along and I suddenly become obsessed with her. I've never gone through with anything. In fact I purposely try to keep away from any girl I start to get attracted to. So does this happen to any guy in relationships or even girls for that matter?


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  • Its absolutely normal to get turned on by other girls, but being infatuated with them is another story, I'm guessing that it means that you are attracted to more than her looks. If you falling in love with other women there might be something missing with the girl you are with, how do you feel when you are with her? I mean are you still happy with her or do you feel walled in and stressed? If your not having fun with the girl you are with its time to let her go. If you are still having fun with a girl after 4 years you need to make sure that you are not just horny because connections like this don't come that often.

    • This is thing. I do love my girlfriend in so many ways. I'm physically and sexually attracted to her and we're great together. We're best friends in fact! But some really pretty girl comes along and suddenly I just can't stop thinking about about her. It's not a horny thing either because I don't necessarily want to have sex with her nor. Also it can happen with girls I've never met before. So I guess it is just their looks but I don't understand why I always become exactly that-Infatuated with them!

    • That's normal bro.