What clothes do women find attractive on men?

Strangely men are starting to look like women these days with their skinny personalities and their ankle pants so I'm wondering are they trying to dress to impress or trying to change the way real dress and cause me stress XD


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  • "Skinny personality"? LOL

    -Button down shirts. Not necessarily ones that are super formal. Flannels can look good too.
    -T-shirts that show off your build.
    -Knit sweaters (especially with a collared shirt underneath)

    This last one could just be me, but cardigans are pretty nice.

    Honestly, just wear something that you like and look good in. That would be your best bet.


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  • I've noticed this, sometimes you can't tell the guys from the girls anymore. Some of them do it because they think it will impress women I think, in fact for a while when I was younger I did the same thing with the advice of a female friend. Eventually I realised that dressing like a woman wasn't doing me any favours and I started dressing like a man again. I've often since been complimented on my dress sense. It's pretty easy, I just wear jeans, shirts, nice shoes. You just have to find clothes that fit well for your body type and the right colours.

  • Nice clothes


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