Acne near nose?

I've had a rough year skin-wise. All the sudden I had A LOT of pimples, which I've never had before apart from the occasional period pimple and redness.

I've got them on my forehead, near the outside of my brows and by the sides of my nose.

Does anyone know how tp riddance me of them?


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  • They can be hard to get rid of. You're probably in the peak of puberty right now... what I did was just wait it out and it all went away by grade 10 but for others it didn't go away. My sister uses proactive and it seems to be working okay. I use something called "witch hazel" it derives from bark or something and it's more affordable. I don't have a pimple on my skin :) it's also really good for the skin as well.

    • That's the thing, i'm almost out of puberty.. I'm 16 and this is my first time having acne.. thanks!

    • Are you consuming anything different recently? Sometimes you change your diet and your body can react in certain ways.

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  • I battled with acne throughout my teens. Oil Free Moisturiser by Neutrogena, Freederm's Daily Complex and Fast Track are all good products. Also specialist face washes (charcoal ones are good) rather than scrubs because scrubbing your skin makes it produce more oil.

    The only thing that's ever really got rid of my spots was starting birth control though. I barely get any now I'm on it. Millinette is the one you want id that's an option for you. Because it actually balances out your hormones; hormonal imbalance is the key cause of acne


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  • sometimes just a change in diet and more water can clear the skin up. Try face washing In the morning and before bed

    • I already do. I drink mostly water and even though my skin has improved, I can't seem to get rid of them!

    • have you tried going to a dermatologist? they can maybe give you some stronger stuff

  • Have you tried proactiv?

    • Haven't heard of that one yet, but I don't know if it's available in europe?

    • They have a website you can go on. It's a bit pricy but I used it when I was in high school because of my extreme acne and it helped so much I was amazed.

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