Are girls my age not attracted to young looking guys?

I'm in my early 20's and people think I look young for my age. I know looking young will come in handy when I'm older, but I don't care about 10-20 years from now. I want sex NOW! And girls my age don't seem interested in me.


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  • You've been falsely socialized into thinking that "superficial looks" are the only thing women find valuable about you as a man.

    This is a lie.

    It's true that your good looks ADD value, but your overall value as a mate is derived from many aspects of your personality:

    - social influence (friends, family, social confidence.)

    - resources (cash money, car, house, stuff.)

    - her emotional reaction to you (are you funny, deep, mysterious, flirty, challenging, romantic, etc)

    - perceived intelligence (are you smart, resourceful, intellectually stimulating?)

    - body language (are you confident, do you stand tall, wide, and with purpose?)

    - social calibration (will you chat with anyone, will her friends find you annoying or cool, can you be casual amongst strangers?)

    - genetics (are you naturally good looking, healthy, strong?)

    - Appearance (are you clean, do you shower, do you smell good, do you comb your hair, do you understand fashion, do you wear cool clothes?)

    Your genetics has very little to do with how much value she'll perceive you have when she meets you.

    So if you're having trouble with women and dating it's likely because you're giving these girls the impression that you're low value. Perhaps you're not calibrated socially (are you weird or awkward?) or perhaps you're dirty or perhaps you have low self esteem.

    It's NEVER just because you're ugly, or genetically challenged.

    From my experience 90% of your value is perfectly within your control and how you express your personality.

    ~ Robby

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