Is it ok for a non-bike rider to wear harley boots?

the only boots I could find that are aesthetically pleasing to me are the boots on the harley davidson website but I don't ride and I never have


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  • You are going to look ridiculous when someone asks you "what kind of cruiser do you ride"
    then you will be known as a poser.
    Wear them! it'd be funny shit!

    • would combat boots be a less dickish alternative

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    • because I want one single thing to wear on my feet all the time but unless boots go up to like mid calf then its just a glorified shoe and pointless but most mid calf boots are either real expensive or weird and basic and pointy

    • Hinking boots dude. They come up mid calf.
      You are going to want to shoot yourself if you wear boots all the time. Unless you are going for the military then just stick to hiking boots. They are built to be worn a long time.

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