Are small bumps or scars on the face a major turn off?

I'm just asking since I have a lot of small bumps on my face (not acne, they look like goosebumps) and I have a red spot from getting a chemical burn after putting something on my face.


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  • Each bump or scar has a story behind it and they are a sign that you have an interesting life. How did you get the chemical burn? My cousin has chemical burn scars on her legs because she was getting ready for her 3 year anniversary date night with her husband when she passed out from low blood sugar with Nair on her legs, instead of a date night they spent the night at the hospital where she told him she was pregnant.

    • I put Nair on my face. It could've been worse, but it wasn't.

  • No, never. At times that scar itself becomes a turn on! Believe me, you'll get loads of kisses there from your loved one


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