Is foundation that bad for your skin? What to do before it goes bad?


I heard from a lot of people that using foundation daily at a young age, will cause bad skin at an age of 30/40/50. Like big pores and just like little tiny open dots on your face.
Is this true and what can I do about it?
I use foundation daily, my skin is not worse, I don't have active acne, but do have acne scars and sometimes a pimple. So it's pretty normal for this age.
To be honest, my foundation is heavy, it's full coverage, but damn flawless skin is the result! It doesn't cover up every single imperfection, you can still see my skin through it, but you know that extra look. I also use concealer under my eyes, to brighten it up and to 'remove' my dark circles.

I sometimes feel bad that I use that heavy products, but if I go on a waterbased one... It doesn't even give a little amount of coverage, looks like a transparent filter.

I also thought about the laura mercier oil free silk creme, but it's full coverage as well so I'm not sure if that's an better option though!

Extra information: I have pretty sensitive skin. I do wear full coverage foundation, but i don't use too much so it looks like medium-full coverage. I love natural looking foundations, no one except a few girls (who just know about make up you know) can see that I wear foundation.


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  • Gurl just use some concealer keep it light


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