How likely are college age or slightly post college age girls get breast implants?

I don't know women who have breast implants. I am not the type of guys who mess with sluts. Because of my goodie goodie lifestyle, I think I can get too naive with women. My initial thought is that breast implants are much more popular among women who are age 25 and up, but then what do I know? Breast implants are not my thing. I 200% prefer a girl with a flat chest over a girl who has fake implants. So yeah any help would be nice.


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  • I have known women of all ages who get surgery on their breasts, all for differing reasons

    • Hmmmm what are some of the reasons if you don't mind me asking? Yeah, I am like a real noob with women... especially with "bad b***hes."

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    • No worries... for a question like this, I would be doing an injustice if I didn't cover all the bases, as I know them to be. You will definitely encounter some women with bought breasts in your life. Some of them may go unnoticed by you, others won't...

    • Thanks for mhg

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  • I think you're confusing naivete with silliness just like you're confusing breast implants with "sluttiness".


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