Anything that I could do to help my situation? Or is it pretty much done..?

I really like this girl a lot! Her and I were talking for a few months until god only knows what happened. To make a very long story short, We talked for a little while and things went great. We were both extremely happy and were having so much fun together. Then it's like one day she woke up and decided that she's not over her ex ( which I can understand some what since they we're dating off and on for 6 years.) But we use to talk just about everyday through text. And now... Nothing.

There's something that her ex did to make her be the way she is..

So my question is, what can I do.. How can I catch her eye again and TRY to get things back to the way things use to be?

I know I should move on and not put my life on hold. But there's something deep in side me that's saying wait it out.. But all this crap is really draining me emotionally and mentally. But I can't seem to let her go per say.. So again, what can I do to catch her eye and get things back to normal?


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  • I know what you mean. I'm in this exact situation. I met this guy who seemed to be the perfect guy and for a couple months after we met, we talked all the time and I realized I really liked him, and when we met, I could tell he liked me too. Later on, I realize that he's not over his ex-girlfriend, and they've been on and off dating/friends for the past 2 years. I felt so used, like a rebound or something. I spent so much time stressing about this and it sucked. He even told me once that he "forgot to text me back because the whole world disappears when he's with his ex." A nice message to get.

    We're still pretty good friends now. I talk to him maybe once or twice a week, not as much as I used to. I realized that it's not going to work, so I'm keeping my options open, but I like him as a person and that's how we're still friends. Think about it, it's never going to be over. Even if you guys date, she would still have that attraction to her ex and it just wouldn't be right.

    Just try and talk to her, still be friends. If she doesn't even want that, I don't think she's worth it.


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  • wait a couple of weeks and send her a text saying: "hey, how have you been?" See if she responds. If she doesn't... wait a couple of more weeks then send another text. If she doesn't respond to that one either, then you must let her go.

    If she responds to the first text, talk to her about how she's actually doing then suggest meeting or hanging out. Take it from there.

    If she is however still hung up over this ex-boyfriend then you need to really get away from her. Last thing you want is to get physical with her, be in a relationship where you develop strong feelings for her and she suddenly strays back to this guy. Then you will be involved in a love triangle which can have catastrophic results.

    Girls with baggage are dangerous! Remember that.