Do you like these leggings?

Do you like these leggings?

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  • Depends what you wear on the top side, dont wear black leather jacket or you will look like a biker/rocker girl, other than that they are alright


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  • I have 3 pairs of leggings like those but different prints.. so yes I like those leggings.

    • I have 5 pairs of leggings.
      2 for home and 3 for gym

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    • @dontaskmebaby well that I don't show haha, I wear long shirts over mines. That's the good thing about leggings you don't have to put anything over it. Except for regular leggings you have to wear something long, Jeggings are okay to wear alone because it's almost like wearing skinny jeans.

    • yes I agree with you.
      I would love to try on your leggings :)) probably they would look sexy on me

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