Feminine Facial hair

Okay. My cousin has facial hair.its white

and its getting pretty long

very noticeable

shes had it for awhile now

HOW can I tell her to get rid of that?


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  • hmmm lend her your razor? j/k! :p

    You can try telling her indirectly.

    Like saying, you have this female classmate who shaves. or waxes facial hair, and ask if that's normal, or ask her why girls do that. ?

    Or you can be like, you over heard a bunch of girls talking about waxing their facial hair. then ask her, if that is normal, and why do girls do that.?

    Bringing it up and having her think about that "topic", will get her wondering about herself. And one day she might shave it off or what not.

    But warning, there are some girls who won't shave their facial hair no matter what. I have a friend who is really straight forward and she told this one girl she should shave her mustache. it was hilarious. but this chick never shaved!

    • Girls ...shave with a razer...on their face?

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    • Oh I just had to share this, but I work with this chick who shaves her face.

      The razor and shaving cream and all...

      I guess she has a beard...

      but anywayz, if you're going to tell your cousin to shave, definitely tell her to use wax or something, because the chick I work with, her beard area is all bluish/greenish..... she has the dirty manly look ...just kidding..




      I did not know people like that existed...the razor and all? wow.

      that is a shocker.

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  • Firstly, GIRLS DON'T SHAVE THEIR FACIAL HAIR! Speak to a girl who knows - I'm naturally quite dark and so the hair on my face really shows up, so I bleach it and then you can't see it. You said your cousin's facial hair is white but really long, if she wanted to remove it she should probably either wax it off or use a special facial hair removal cream.

    Be gentle with her, and don't TELL her to remove it. That's up to her, if she wants to remove it that's her choice, but she shouldn't do anything like that for anyone else.

    Besides. there's probably people with fetishes for women with facial hair! :P

  • You really ought to take a delicate approach because she may be aware of it, but is just embarrassed. Doing something about it means having to admit that it exists and is a problem. It can also be part of several different medical conditions, particularly involving hormone imbalances. I had a friend who finally went to a doctor because she was starting to get a bit of a beard and it turned out that she had too much testosterone in her blood because of ovarian cysts. So, you can ask her carefully if she has noticed the hair and say that maybe she ought to see someone about it. If you do this in a caring way, you won't have to hurt her feelings and you may even find that there is some underlying cause that needed to be addressed.

  • I agree with the guy, girls do get mad ,for a lot of stuff especially appearance wise.

    At least I do.

    When I was in middle school, the older guys used to tease me on my eyebrows, since they were older I would tell my brothers, they'd defend me, but laugh at me too. It was a nightmare.

    Before that ,I was never self conscious about it.

    When I turned 14 my mom finally let me e wax em. They're still thick but not bushy.

    But yah I guess that's my point if she's fine about it then leave it like that, why mess with it.

  • That's really awkward! You could make a joke about it, maybe. Like someone else said, she'll prob be mad at the time but she'd want to know.

    I agree she should see a dr. I've also heard of a cream that reduces hair growth and is meant for the face. It's available by prescription. If she's fair skinned with white hairs, she wouldn't be a candidate for laser hair removal, but she could try electrolysis.

  • actually I don't think you should tell her to get rid of it. facial hair is different from, say, having broccoli stuck in her teeth. I have a friend who has that issue as well, and I don't say anything to her either. anyone who looks in the mirror would know if she has facial hair or not. I think in my friend's case, she just doesn't care and is too lazy to get rid of it.

  • tell her she will be mad at you for not telling her earlier but she will be happy you told her.

  • Hmm. Be kind about it. She'll probably be really embarrassed. I have these cousins who say EVERYTHING on their minds. It's like they don't have an off switch.

    I used to wear underwear with a little more coverage to them and they teased me about that. I now wear thongs and cheeky boy shorts.

    I have a tiny strip of peach fuzz a bit below my belly button and some of the hairs are a little bit darker. My cousin teased me about that. I now tweeze it some.

    I hadn't seen my cousin in like four years and the first thing she said to me was that I had an ass on me. Then when I put a bathing suit on my older guy cousin made a crack- "What they don't have sun out in -------!?"

    It's not like I didn't know those things, I'm pale. My panties were enormous. I do have a little hair issue, etc. It makes me shocked at their lack of social know how and horrified and embarrassed but in the end I am glad they say it, because then I can do something to fix it. DON'T tell anyone else, tell her.


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  • nooo dude don't say anything.

    chicks get pissed.

    have someone that she hates tell her.thats what I do