Girls, Which pose shows more femininity and strength?

I am working on a drawing project to try and create a pose for a new character of mine. And I am looking for some help.

I realize that these pictures are very sexualized and objectifying to women. And I mean no disrespect to women.

But based on the way she is standing with her legs and the way her arms are, which looks better?

Things I am looking to find in these pictures are:
1) Hourglass figure
2) Hip-shoulder Ration
3) Breast Shape (not size)
4) Back arch
5) Curves

Please comment if you can think of any slight alterations you think could improve one of these pictures.
  • Girls, Which pose shows more femininity and strength?A) Bathing Suit
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  • Girls, Which pose shows more femininity and strength?B) Towel
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Bathing suit shows more

    • It's not my intention to use the bathing suit. In fact I will use a corset and the metal skirt of Wonder Woman from Batman vs. Superman. But how can I show off her assets and curves in the most respectful and flattering way?

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    • What do you think about turning it to the side so you can see the curve of her back?

    • It works

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What Girls Said 6

  • I would say B looks better and it looks more feminine to me. I guess it's because the position of one of her legs.
    As for alterations, I can't say anything because I don't know much about drawings.

    • Which leg are you speaking about?

      Aside from knowing how to draw, what else could make her look feminine and strong if it was a real life model?

    • The one that is up. I guess her legs should have less muscle, as well as her arms.

  • The first photo for sure, she has boobs, thighs and a tiny waist (y)

  • A is really hot!!

    • Does it have anything to do with her arms and legs or just how big her "assets" are?

    • I dont like the arms but i do like that she's got the curvy hour glass shape

  • towel one

  • The towel

  • B... :)


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