Hairy chests , totally unacceptable by young modern women?

Hairy chest and stomach is totally unacceptable now a days by women and women want a smooth shaved or probably a waxed smooth skin because it's more smother and hygeienic that way?

Bonus: what if some man goes a step further and waxes his arms legs and groin?

Ladies and gentlemen?


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  • No no no please god no...

    A normal amount of chest hair is good. I don't want to put my head into a prickly shaved cactus... the smells are also really hot

    I want to date a man and not a seal

    • " normal amount of chest and stomach hair"..
      What's abnormal and what if a an has abnormal amount?

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    • Yeah I AM, please give your thoughts and guide me as well please dear.
      What is REALLY hairy and what if a man is that way?

    • What say?

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  • Some are ok with it, some aren't. But to say all women want X is a generalization and simply not true.
    My boyfriend doesn't wax or shave his chest and stomach area, and I could not give less of a fuck about it.
    Shave or don't shave, it's your body and what other people think should not matter to you.

  • God, you again! Go get a fucking razor you annoying whiny one!

  • i dont like it

  • I don't care that much about body hair to be honest, unless it's very excessive.


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  • I don't think so. I am hairy, and I know for sure many girls liked that.

    Ofcourse there are girls whonwould not like hairy men.

    • How hairy are you especially on your chest and ab?

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    • Aren't you like Anil Kapoor? 😂
      So women you have been with like all hairy groin?

    • You answering?