Girls, Would you like if your man wears anklets?

Would you like if your man waxed his WHOLE body neck to toe and then even wants to wear anklets because he says it looks very nice when he sees women with smooth legs wearing anklets, so would you be aroused by his waxed hairless body and smooth legs with anklets?


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  • Hairless is cool. No problems there. Anklets? Funny, but I don't think that I've ever seen a guy wear one before, unless he was in drag. Wouldn't bother me though.


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  • Personally I wouldn't really like it if my man waxed his whole body, but if that's what he likes to do I can live with that as it's his body his rules. And idc if he wears anklets.

    • Don't you feel muscular waxed male legs would look sexy and appealing than really hairy male legs?

    • I would still prefer some hair on his legs than him being completely hairy but it still I wouldn't mind either way if he was waxed.

  • If I really liked him then it wouldn't matter to me

    • What's better, a waxed hairless make body with anklets and all of a really hairy male body?

    • a little bit hair is alright but really hairy is definitely a turn off

  • That's a bit excessive lol what next a toe ring, leave all of that to the girls

    • Why is waxing legs and then wearing anklets bit too excessive thing for a man?
      Why can't a man try to look sexy and beautiful as women do?

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    • Sorry
      But I would love to know your views on that excess hairy men

    • you're weird and you can stop asking too

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