Do not IGNORE, READ, and give me ADVICE/comment, then RATE

how should I handle a situation when I really like this guy and all.

should I confess or just leave it? if I should confess, then how?

i really need some advice. PLEASE. I like this dude, but what should be my next move? flirt-how?


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  • First of all, get to know him. Not taking down all his particulars but knowing him as a person. What he likes to do, where he usually hangs out. Make conversations. If he finds it nice talking to you, he will most likely find you a good companion to be with.

    After knowing him, ask him out as a friend. Sometimes when talking to a person, you might not see the real deal. Spending time with a person is the best way. Wait till you really know you like this guy and he shows that he is interested in you too, then confessed to him. I find it inappropriate when someone confessed his feelings to me when he hardly even knows me.

    When you like someone, it's possible it could be a crush, a short crush. So being a friend first will let you be certain of your choice. All the best!


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  • Err, if you need to let it out, just ask him out on a date.


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  • okay,

    make sure you smell good, keep eye contact, play with your hair, constantly touch him on the arm, smile a lot and look through your lashes

    make sure you leave an obvious mark that you like him and then walk away, if he gets it the chase shall begin!