How do I get a fairer complexion naturally without treatment or surgery? My skintone now is slightly lighter than wheatish with yellowish tone?

Since I was a little kid I always wanted to have a fair complexion... It was something I wanted so badly and Still do. I've worked really hard for it since I was brown and now I'm slightly lighter than wheatish with yellowish tone.. But I'm still not satisfied and I want a fairer skin tone... and also everyone here likes fairer girls but this is something I want for myself.. How do I do that naturally cuz I'm against treatment and surgery


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  • Apply milk cream with a little turmeric on your face. Drink 5 ltrs of water minimum daily. Avoid Cigarettes, if you have.


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  • People should learn to embrace what they have. I am pretty sure that many people love your skin complexion. Why would you want a fairer skin? I mean, there are so many girls who tan in order to get your skin tone.

    • In Asian countries noone likes tanned skin

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  • You're so much better off embracing your natural skin color and playing it up instead of trying to make yourself look sallow.

    • Look everyone has insecurities and my skin color is my biggest insecurity... I jusr want to change that.., it's like a fat person wanting to be slim

    • Honey it doesn't matter how much weight a person loses they'll never be happy with their outside unless they're happy with themselves on the inside.

  • You can't change your skintone. Staying away from the sun in combination of using sunscreen and covering clothing all the time is the only thing you can do to at least not get any darker. Make sure you get enough vitamin d if you do this though.


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