Girls, what should I wear with this new mini skirt I bought?

I know I'm a boy and everything but recently I just revealed to my family my desire to be a girl. My girl name is Jennifer and I've wanted to be a girl ever since I was little.
Surprisingly, my mom, dad, and brother were all very supportive. In the past few days, my mom has taught me how to apply makeup and do my hair like a girl. My hair is long. I also started shaving my legs, armpits, and other places girls normally don't have hair.
Lastly, the other day, I bought my first article of girl clothing. I've always liked mini skirts and got my mom's permission as long as it wasn't too short. It's about mid-thigh. Let me describe it: it's a denim mini skirt, faded blue color, with a lace hemline, and pink stitching on the back pockets. Since I'm new to this, I want some ideas of what to wear with my new mini skirt. What sort of top? Footwear? Jewelry? Things like that. Any ideas?


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  • A crop top, preferably with a white lace top layer. Sandals for footwear. A plain but beautiful golden necklace and simple earrings, hoops perhaps.

    • Cool idea. I'm still learning so I am just curious: is a crop top the type of top that shows my belly? The white lace idea is great! It will match the lace edge on my mini skirt. What sort of sandals do you recommend? I like the gold earring idea. My mom has some I could probably borrow.

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    • Thanks. I wore my new outfit to the mall yesterday with 2 of my friends who actually are girls. While we were hanging out, 3 boys came over and talked to us. The reason I'm telling you this is because you said you bet I look adorable. Well, even though I'm really a boy, all 3 of the boys thought I was a girl, and one of them said I looked pretty. It was awesome to hear a boy say that to me. He was cute. Anyway, thanks again for the advice. I'm adding more "girl" clothes to my wardrobe soon.

    • Awwwwe, that's so adorable :) you do you!

  • It would be easier if you had a picture of the mini skirt

  • Are you transgender? 👌


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