What hair do you like with this dress?

What hair do you like with this dress?

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  • other? (Post image please)
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I updated my pic to what my hair looks like as of Saturday. If that changes anyone's opinion...


Most Helpful Guy

  • The b girl looks like you lol

    I like all tbh. All look amazing and would suit you. Mho right here cause I narrowed it down for you.

    • Ahh thanks 🙈 That's like the best compliment I've ever gotten haha I think she's gorgeous.

      Def mho 😏

    • Nope that does not change my opinion you maple leaf lol

Most Helpful Girl

  • Kind of depends on wht you are going to do. Any of them look great. Hair up is going to look more formal.

    Hair down will be slightly less formal but give a nice contrast against the shoulders in this dress since they are more exposed with this dress. GIve it a nice sexy look. Of hair up, id go with something more like the last one.


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