Why do I seem to attract the creepy guys or guys who are bad for me?

one guy was a man-whore

another one dated 2 of my friends and all they did was make out and who knows what else.

one was a stalker

another one was a huge trouble maker

one was immature annoying

I don't go looking for the "bad guys" cause I don't want that. I want a real relationship that could mean moe than just some guy I met in high school. and none of them would want a real relationship. they would all just want sex. And I am not the kind of girl who is going to just sleep with someone. Not that I am an angel cause I am not but I don't get why I attract guys I don't want or need in my life... Any ideas?


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  • I think you've got the wrong idea here if you think that by changing little things you do you can attract different types of guys. The guys that approach you will always be a mixed bunch. If you're passive you get who you get.

    Sometimes a good guy will approach you but usually if you want one you're going to have to take some initiative. Look for guys YOU like and not just those who like you. Smile at them. Flirt with them. Chat with them. Let them see that you're interested and you and they'll respond.

    • I don't think by changing who I am would attract different guys. I wouldn't want that. I love who I am. I wouldn't want anyone who wouldn't be attracted to me just the way I am. I just was wondering why these guys are attracted to me. I don't encourage it, I am extreamly opinionated and say exactly how I feel. I am not conceited but I know I deserve more then the guys I meet.

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  • I agree because you will just sit there and think anyone who shows up is right without looking for the right things about him

    • I have had plently of guy enter my life but I don't go for it unless I feel they are good. Sometimes I am right and others I am not. I don't sit around and wait but I am not going to go searching for a man. That's not who I am. I am not picky but I do know what I want in a guy.

  • Maybe look for the guy you want, instead of waiting for him to magically show up..

    • I am not waiting for them to magically show up. At this point in time I am not looking. I was just asking a question because of the latest guy who wanted to be in my life and it got me thinking. Right now going to school and working is all I want for right now. If I meet someone who is worth taking a chance on I am ready to do somthing about it. But I am not making finding a man the number 1 thing in my life.

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