What do you wear?

what type of panties do you prefer to wear?
  • bikini
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  • boy shorts
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  • thong
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  • g string
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  • I go commando
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Depends on my mood and plans but I like commando the best.

    • why do you prefer going commando

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    • Well I would be a little worried if you worried about panty lines lol.

    • you're not the only one lol

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What Girls Said 2

  • I love gstrings there very sexy to wear with a mini skirt and fern great on:)

  • wasn't listed. Tanga.

    • I apologize for not listing that but I'm unfamiliar with it

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    • hah lacey, usually warm colors,.. red, pink, dark red, but I've got a lot of colors.. I have preference towards lingerie in general, so I just really love tangas. First ones I got were Victoria's Secret, they're hard to find, usually called brazilian thong or brazilian tanga. My butt is sorta big and a bikini or thong doesn't look right in it so tangas make me feel more confident. If you google brazilian tanga or tanga victorias secret, you can see it :p

      The definition for it is basically "a thong with more coverage" lol

    • no need to Google it because you did an excellent job describing it and I can picture it

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