What to do about a MEGA ZIT?

Ok guys, Christmas is just a few days away and out of nowhere I got this ginormous mother of all zits that's like the big painful under-the-skin kind on my chin. I tried popping it this morning (gross, I know, sorry) but I think I just made it worse. Any advice on how I can make it disappear ASAP?
Thanks guys! Have you personally tried any of these methods you've suggested before, and have they worked?


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  • Lance it or use a blackhead remover to see if you can pop it.


What Girls Said 2

  • You need to freeze it with ice and then pop it with a pin.

    Alternatively, apply a drawing face mask or vaseline to help draw it from under the skin. Freeze it with ice and then pop it with a pin.

    You can also rub Garlic on it which helps to break it down and disappear.

  • I heard applying vapor rub 1-2 times a day will make it surface and easier to pop. also try honey and crushed uncoated aspirin, put it on, put a bandaid over it and leave over night. hot clothes make it surface faster, and ice packs make it shrink

    • I have tried the homey and it has worked but they were smaller pimples

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