Do you think he likes me? should I tell him that I like him?

Okay, so this guy has been one of my best friends for 5 years now (3rd to 8th grade)

I really like him, and people tell me that he likes me, and I agree.

When I look at him, his eyes sparkle and he gets this awkward smile on his face, and he never knows what to say around me. he seems nervous around me, when we were taking pictures for confirmation a week ago, he put his arm around every girl in the pics other then me.

When he saw me in my dress, his face changed, he looked like in his head he was saying :wow..

and I said hi to him, and walked away because my sister was walking away, and when I walked back, he really wanted my attention, he was waving at me like I didn't see him, and he had a big smile on his face! when we hang out alone, he says :that was fun, we should do it again sometime. and the other day he said he was up late, and he was thinking about me because I stay up really late.. Whenever I ask him who he likes, he never answers. but last night, he said "sure" when I asked if I could ask who he likes. and he said no one, who do you like? I didn't know what to say! I didn't want to tell him because I don't know 100 % that he likes me. But, I lied and said that my phone died, sorry. and then he replied "Oh I just thought you were still answering that question"...IDK! do you think he likes me?

btw he doesn't act like that around anybody else, but me. he is one of those people that's touchy feely, he is always playing footsie with people and that kind of stuff. but he always seems awkward around me, like he was jumping in the hallway, and his shirt went up a little bit, he saw me and his face got all awkward...with my other friends he doesn't do that (and he's bffs with them too)...I said that I liked his spring picture, and he said thanks I like yours too, and I said I like your shirt, and he said Thanks...i like your..umm...shirt... and he had the sparkly eyes and smile on his face.! What do you think I should do? WE only have 2 weeks left of school, and we will be going to different schools for high its kind of like now or never, should I tell him?


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  • Yes, he likes you.


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