What should I do?

Well I like this girl.. we'll call her K. Well I have liked her all year sense I first met her.. and I still haven't talked to her for real. I said hi to her the other day and she kinda just looked at me like in shock or something.. I don't know how to explain it. Anyways.. she used to seem to like me to but now I don't seem to see it as much any more.

Last week while I was sitting in the band room she was talking with one of her friends and all of the sudden her friend got really loud, mentioning something about a guy asking K out. After that I looked over and they giggled and looked away then started to whisper. Sometimes she sits near where I sit at lunch but she always seems to be facing away from me... people tell me its obvious that I like her because when she is around I smile a lot.. and according to them I never smile.

anyways.. I have no idea what to do so hopefully one of you can help :)


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  • Well, she's probably shy and confused... Why?

    Confused- doesn't really know if you like her or not

    Shy- probably kinda likes you too, but thinks guys should ask guys out and not the other way around...

    Hope this helped! :)

    • She seems pretty popular and outgoing so I don't know about the shy part. I guess it might just be shy towards guys she likes? Should I try talking to her again?

    • Yea don't worry, all girls do that... I'm kinda popular myself and I'm shy with the guys I like ;)

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  • honestly, show a picture of you, if you're cute, she might like you

    harsh response, but it is true


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