Will guys like my hair length?

So my hair was getting really really long. Touching my butt almost and started to look bad. I got my hair cut today to get all of the dead ends off. Only now I'm wondering if it's too short. It stops right about where the strap of my bra ends and the cup of the bra starts. Is that too short?


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  • I've never liked short hair myself, but it is a personal preferance thing.

    Don't sweat it. Keep your har the way *YOU* like it. No guy worth your time is going to like or not like you based on your hair.

    • Well I guess I'm wondering if the hair length described is considered "short." most would say its medium length to long. but would you not be attracted to the length I described?

    • I would also consider it medium length. "Short" to me is shoulder length or less. But I have seem women who look good with it that short. Do you like how your hair looks now?

  • girls with long hair are great! I like long hair to grab when I am doing doggy style!


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