Guys, what do you do when you see a random girl that you are attracted to?

And you don't know her AT ALL.


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  • Find some excuse to talk to her. If she's at all interested it will be obvious.

    I leave it up to fate. Usually you can't ask an unknown woman for her number even if she seems friendly, so I leave it...if I see her again, and she's not with an obvious significant other, I find some way to flirt a little and if I'm feeling brave that day, pat her on her bottom.

    9 times out of 10 she'll get angry or pretend to, but this is a situation where I wouldn't likely see her again anyway, so nothing to lose!

    • Hahahaa"pat her on her bottom" in other words, slap her ass? Does that usually work for you?

    • No, it doesn't usually, but since I'm not likely to see her again unless I do's better than just watching her walk away. No? It forces her to some sort of decision!

    • Heyyy nothing wrong with a little pat on the butt! hahaa I give you props for being outgoing!

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  • Look at her wistfully..and say "damn if only" in my head :)

    If she looks at me and I think I might see something in her look or we happen to like be right near each other or have to talk or something I might ...flirt alittle or show some "like you maybe get to know each other" signs

  • Try and find a way to get to know her.


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