I need your opinion on something.

Before I begin, I need to say that I am absolutely NOT fishing for compliments and I'd like you to be as brutally honest with me as possible.

Alright, so I haven't been in a relationship before and all of the guys that I've liked either already have girlfriends or are single but when they found out that I like them, they don't give me an answer. I'm wondering if it's my looks that turns them off.

There are guys at my school who are commenting on my looks positively but I think they're just being sarcastic. To top this off, one of my closest friends who I have known for three years told me recently these exact words: "I probably wouldn't have been your friend if I was basing it off looks.''


What do you think? Please don't hesitate to tell me ways to improve my looks. I want to be able to do it over the summer so I don't have to put up with this bullsh*t when I come back for the new school year. That's why I'm asking now, so I could plan ahead.


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  • Okey nice friend...I think she just says that to feel better of herself. And no you don't need a nosejob.

    I think you look cute =), maybe more makeup, defining your eyes more? Let your hair grow over summer, maybe getting more of a sideway bangs. Higlights or lighter brown hair might suit you. But you look good now too, those are just ideas. I can improve my looks too lol. And guys your age can be so stupid anyway. They probably think you look cute, but other girls look "better". Like wear a lot of make up, wearing bras that push their boobs up to their throath and really short skirts. And other girls can be such attention whores, and you're probably more quiet?

    • Thank you. :) I rarely wear makeup and when I do, it's just subtle eyeshadow. So, you suggest a bit of mascara? I don't like eyeliner.

      Should I grow it to boob length, you think?

      Hmm, I'll take these into considerations. Perhaps a bit of time spent in the sun and my hair will get a bit lighter naturally. Yeah, I don't want to be a Barbie doll and wear a ton of makeup and dress all slutty. Perhaps, if I trim my eyebrows into being super thin, it will look unnatural and I'll just be one of them.

    • Yeah mascara would do it =) that length sounds good. Good, be yourself, sooner or later the guys will grow up and grow tired of all the fake Barbie wannabes.

    • Awesome. Yeah, hopefully. Thanks again. :)

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  • You need a nose job. The rest of the face is fine except for the nose area. It's too flat and doesn't go along with everything else. Oh and your eyebrows could use some trimming as well.

  • Maybe ur best friend is jealous because guys comment on you.Guys sometimes act like major sarcastic jerks when they like you.They do that to get you to notice them.I know because every boyfriend I have had in my life was always really mean when I first met him.The best thing to do is to have confidence and not try to change how you are if your happy with yourself.

    • That doesn't sound right because the guys are jerks in groups. They can't ALL like me, right?

      My friend isn't jealous as far as I know, she's super confident in her looks and keeps on bragging about how good she looks which again contributes to my low self esteem.

      True but having people say 'Oh your parents must have been so ugly, f***ing and creating someone like you?'

    • I've never met ur friend but it kind of sounds like she's trying to bring you down if she always brags about her looks in front of you.And school really isn't the place to get a boyfriend, it isn't for me.Almost everyone in my entire school doesn't like me.But certain guys may secretly like u, some may not.Thats just how it goes.And there is always gonna be that girl that everyone thinks is so attractive.And people (mostly classmates) will be mean and immature.Idk why, its just like that for me.

    • Ugh, only two more years til graduation and then I could ditch her because she's staying for another year in high school.

      Thanks for your input then, I really appreciate it.