Should I change my style?

I'm a girl and I usually wear black band shirts with bell bottom pants or neon skinny jeans with black high top skate shoes.I'm not skinny, but I'm not obese either, I'm more in between.I wear make up like most girls in my school, and I have blonde hair.

Should I change my style 2 make boys at my school like me better or just stay the way I am?


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  • Stay the way you are, a boy who will like you for you will come along. To be honest, your look sounds really bold and around my area, girls just wear floral skirts, dresses and tank tops, so your look will stand out and guys are sure to pay attention. :)

    Hope this helps,


  • I say if you want to change do it for you not for guys. I hang out with all the "outcasts" and most of them go for girls who look like that. Changing has to be done for yourself. not for guys cause in the end if you don't like you then it doesn't matter what they think.