Guys, in skinny jeans is high rise the only option now?

I usually wear skinny or slim fit jeans mostly, and have been wearing them for years. I haven't bought much new lately, but when I went looking around I noticed that they're all "high rise" now, which I don't like. High rise is basically like the zipper on the pants is a mile long. I guess they want you to wear them up on your stomach like Steve Urkel unless you want to bust a huge sag. I bought a pair of Vans and even they are making them this way now, they don't have the Vans "slimbo" style anymore.

This probably doesn't bother some, but I don't like it. Anyone know where you can still get a guy's low rise jean?


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  • check bershka n pull n bear

  • Try internet shopping. It'll give an accurate description of the product, so you have as much detail, needed.


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