Girls, girls, please answer. what does my wife mean when she says this?

yesterday i had a conversation with my wife while she was putting her makeup on early in the morning in our room while i was on my computer in bed still. here's how our conversation went:

M: me H: her

M: hey sarah, i have a question for you
H: yah, what's up?
M: why do girls wear makeup everyday? it's came across my mind whenever i see you put yours on. do you know why they do?
H: well, uhm, truthfully most girls wear makeup as a use of a safety blanket to them just like some do with long hair

and then our conversation went different ways. but what exactly does she mean by a "safety blanket"? that I'm confused on. if any girls know what this means, please tell me so i understand haha :)


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  • I'm not quite sure.. the only thing I can think of is this: Makeup can give girls a sense of confidence that they don't have without make up. Let's say a girl doesn't feel beautiful, therefore lacks confidence. Putting her makeup on makes her feel 'safe', makes her feel beautiful. Does that make sense?


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  • You need to take it literally, you use a blanket to cover something right so the safety blanket aka make up is to cover up her imperfections such as pimples acne scars, short eyelashes etc. But why didn't you just asked your wife what she meant with it? Also not all girls were make up to cover up some just were it for fun

  • Safety blanket? I would probably intrepret that as an insecurity issue. Maybe even not comfortable to leave the house without their "security blanket"


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