Why is it when it comes to flirting?

why is it when it comes to flirting..unattractive women seem to know how to do it right, and the good -looking women ...stink at flirting? seems the good looking women all they know how to do is drive men away with their head games and playing hard to get


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  • Unattractive women - Want to keep the men they find, hoping that they can find Mr. Amazing

    Attractive women - Are approached a lot, to the point where they aren't worried about finding Mr. Amazing.

    This doesn't backwards rationalize sh*t; it's merely saying:

    - The financially stable man that was once poor, knows what the journey was like, so he will not spend money where he doesn't need to spend money.

    **This same concept applies towards lots of areas in life, specifically what I was talking about being: Women who have never felt the repercussions of being "unattractive / unapproached" will not appreciate men that approach AS OFTEN AS the women who is not approached very commonly. The unattractive woman will show much more gratitude for the men who show her interest.**

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • That's a pretty broad generalization...but I'll save my rant for another day.

    "Attractive" women, however you define that, are used to being ignored by guys. Sounds crazy? Well, when all the guys are standing around, eyeing a hot girl, they tell each other that "She's out of my league" so the girl is never approached. They never learn how to talk to a guy, or banter, so when someone finally does come up to them, it's a deer-in-headlights moment, and they panic.

    "Unattractive" women (though none actually exist) know that guys aren't going to be drooling over them because they don't see their physical aspects as "beautiful", use their wit, charm, and personality to hook guys in.

  • b/c ugly girls have to try harder and pretty girls can get guys liking them w/o much effort so they never really had to learn


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  • probly because cute chicks don't have to flirt, people just disregard any dumbness or stupidity or even the lack of the ability to have a decent conversation.

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